Ripon Video Game

“Ripon” is a series of installations integrating an original video game with large-scale digital prints that uses the setting of a violent Dystopic society to upset the conventions of gaming culture. Named after and located in Ripon, Wisconsin a small town founded on the writings of the French Utopian writer Charles Fourier that would later become the birthplace for the Republican party, Ripon is meant as something more akin to “happenings” or events with the different iterations of the game played only once.  Each is designed for multiple monitors and projections that allow up to ten people to simultaneously “play” the game. The digital prints depict the world of the game and surround the projections to flesh out the installation and provide an immersive experience.

The intent of this project is to undermine the expectations of video games and engage the viewer/player in new and innovative ways. From the design perspective this is accomplished in three ways: you become less adept as the game progresses, you are de-centered, and you are mortal.   With this design we hope to question the violence so often used as entertainment in video games and challenge the conventions of gaming utilizing a critical perspective that is possible in the context of art installation.


Knut Hybinette

2D Version and in IOS:

Installations Pictures: